Christmas Decor | All Is Merry And Bright

Christmas Decor | All Is Merry And Bright

AH! IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN, AND I’M SO THRILLED! This is the first Christmas Kyle and I will spend together as husband and wife! YAY!

I was so eager to decorate for Christmas, but it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until you have the tree! Being that is it still November…, I knew there was no way a real Christmas tree would make to Christmas, so, an artificial tree it is! Being that Christmastime is quickly approaching, it was literally the worst time to find an artificial tree at a good price. So, I decided to hit Craigslist to begin my search! After searching for a few days, I finally found a listing for a new Costco Christmas tree! The lights on the tree didn’t work, so the retailer was selling it for super cheap! I knew I wanted to put my own lights on the tree anyways, so it worked out perfectly! I ended up getting this Costco tree ($250) for $50 — score!

My husband was at work, but I was so eager to get our new tree up and ready. So, thanks to my sister, we lugged the huge tree up our condo stairs and into the front window — it was a perfect fit! We set it up, and I begin cutting away at the old wires to remove the broken lights. Let me tell you, those lights on pre-lit trees are never intended to be removed! It ended up taking 4+ hours to remove! Thank goodness for wine and a Christmas movies, it made the task much more pleasant! 😉

Once the lights were all removed, I begin restringing the tree with clear twinkling lights! I wanted our artificial tree to have a realistic feel, so I thought twinkling lights would give it a little playful, homey feel. But once I was done stringing the lights, it still wasn’t enough. So, I went to Target and purchased 2 boxes of these Globe lights! I LOVE THEM! They gave our tree the feel I wanted!

We haven’t decorated our tree with ornaments yet, but I wanted to share what we have this far! 🙂

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Pinterest
Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Pinterest

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Let me know what you think! 🙂